Sunday, July 9, 2017

Encampment Updates

Letter from Debbie Nearing, encampment director:
As an overnight camper, you should have received the following forms in your troop packet for Encampment:
Medical/permission form for NRGS on yellow paper  here – one for each girl in your troop
Standard camping equipment list on blue paper here
Individual packing list for overnight campers on pink paper here
Need to Know form on lilac paper here  – this form has been revised since the packet was released
Encampment attendance sheet on ivory paper here
Camp Runels map on white paper here
Please email the attached Individual Packing List, Need to Know form, and Camp Runels map to each of your parents who have a girl attending Encampment ASAP so they can start putting together camp items for their daughter.  If you have other adults attending as first aiders or who will be staying overnight as adults in charge, please send them this email.
You will need to give each girl/parent the yellow medical/permission form to complete (you should have one for each girl signed up to attend). The parent or you should make a copy and keep the copy and the yellow form will need to be passed in at check-in the day of the Encampment.  You may need to have a meeting before Encampment to hand these out.
You will also need to complete the ivory form as the troop Leader. 
Give the ivory attendance form to one of the parents if you are not attending as it must be turned in at check-in so please do not complete it until the day before.  The attendance (ivory form) sheet should list EVERYONE who will be attending for any length of time.  If you find that a girl is coming late or leaving early, I still need them on the form and also let me know that with a notation next to to their name.  All parents and Leaders should also be on the attendance sheet if they are attending and/or staying for more than drop off.  This is so in case of an emergency, we know who is at camp at all times.  I will also need to make sure if a parent is attending that they are Coried and Cori’s now take at least 3 weeks to get authorized by GSEM.  Keep this in mind.
The blue standard troop camping sheet is the packing list basically for your troop.  This is just an idea of what to bring.  You may bring more or less.  It is acceptable to forego the “Girl Scout Way” and use paper but you must carry it out of your site and dispose of it properly.
You should also have a first aid kit with your troop gear.  Please make sure that the first aid kit has some of the items like tylenol, tums, benadryl which are included on the yellow medical/permission form.  We may have a Camp Nurse this year on site but for the day on Saturday only, so you need to rely on your First Aider if staying overnight.  We will have plenty of First Aiders on hand should you need help with any emergency at camp. 
I’m attaching a blank CORI request form here.  If you have any parents coming for the day or overnight or they are staying for more than drop off, I need them to complete a CORI and come to me in person with a copy of their driver’s license to get it authorized so I can send it off to GSEM before Encampment.  They can also bring it to the GSEM office on 143 Abbott Street in Andover for faster processing.  The process takes a few weeks so please let me know ASAP.  Also, if you are expiring before the end of the year, please complete a new CORI/SORI.
Remember that as a troop you will need to help the girls make at least 10 swaps for the GS swapping event if they want to participate in the in the SWAPs exchange.  It’s a lot of fun.  You can get ideas from Pinterest, or www.swaps4less.comYou should try to get together with the girls over the summer or you can make them Friday night if you are staying over at camp. 
Girls will also need some sort of bandana or hat.  They don’t have to match in color but should be similar in design or some way to show that they are together as a troop so you can identify them easier in a crowd of girls.
If you have any questions about any of these forms, please email me.  If you are available and want to attend our Encampment Committee meeting, our first meeting will be Tuesday, July 11th at 7:30 p.m.  The location is to be announced as we are still waiting to hear from the Library.  If you are interested, please email me back at
Thank you so much.
Debbie Nearing, Encampment Director
North Reading Girl Scout Service Unit

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Congratulations to our Older Girl Troops

  • Congratulations to our older girl troops who bridged and flew up to a new level of Girl Scouts last Wednesday evening and congratulations again to our 11 graduating senior Ambassador Girl Scouts who flew up to adults. 
  • Congratulations to Amy Kelly and Jodi Sponzo who received the “Soaring through the Ranks” award which is for leading a troop from Daisy to Ambassadors.  This is the first time we have presented this award since it’s inception in 2010. 
  • Also, congratulations to Claire Bailey, Jessica Kelly and Ashley DeSousa for completing their take action projects and being presented with their Gold Award pin and certificates by a Council Representative from GSEM
  • Congratulations to Jessica Kelly for receiving the 2017 NRGS Founder Award Scholarship
  • Finally, congratulations to three volunteers who were awarded the Volunteer of Excellence pin for going above and beyond their troop service: Amber O’Driscoll, Jennifer Vant, and Amy Kelly and to Melissa Audier who received the Council Appreciation Pin recently at the annual GSEM awards luncheon.

  •  Found after Fly Up: a bridging patch, a pair of purple sunglasses and a Sports Fun day patch.  You can claim them Wednesday night at our Leader/Encampment meeting
    If you Fly Up to a new level this year, you will need to take the next level Essentials .  Trainings are online all summer into September. You can also find Girl Scout Reference Books including Journeys for each level in the children’s room in the Flint Memorial Library.  These are for reference only and are to be kept in the Library.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Little Free Library

The little free library is a community book exchange project where people are encouraged to "take a book, leave a book".  Brownie Troop 69175 and Daisy Troop 62548 created a Little Free Library right here in North Reading.  Landrey Fagan (one of the Daisy parents) donated the book box and both troops painted tiles with an outdoor theme at Look What I Made. These tiles were used to decorate the sides of the library. The library can be found on the porch of Ryer's General Store. Info on little free libraries can be found at
Go check out the library and bring a book along to donate, it can be for children or adults.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Congratulations Graduating Seniors!!

Congratulations to our graduating Senior Ambassador Girl Scouts:
Ariana Romeo, Ashley DeSousa, Brooke Sponzo, Carly Sponzo, Claire Bailey, Emily Humphreys, Jessica Kelly, Joanna Keaton, Julia Kushakji, Kimberly Bockley, and Nicole Shedd. 
Also congratulations to our first grade Daisy troops who flew up last week and became Brownies and to the following Volunteer Troop Leaders of less than 2 years who received the GSEM Green and Growing Award Pin at the Daisy Fly Up Ceremony for going above and beyond service at their troop level by helping to coordinate and participate in one of our NRGS Service Unit events: the International World Thinking Day Event, The Caroling Event and the Father Daughter Fun Sports Day Event--
Jessica Blanchette, Kerri Antonuccio, Karianne Bekier, Michelle Gerokoulis, and Denise Kung who also took minutes at the Leader meetings on occasion.  

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fall Encampment Updates!

 We have received quite a few registration forms for the Encampment being held at Camp Runels in Pelham, NH on September 8-10 and wanted to let you know that if you have not considered attending with your troop, there is still time to register.  Currently there are 58 confirmed girls registered to attend and another 12 committed to attend for a total of 70 girls.  Most of the troops registered to attend want to stay overnight, a couple of troops for both nights!  We still have a lot of room for day campers and can still accommodate overnight campers before we return the unused sites we reserved.  We are also sending the attached Flyer and a brief email to all registered parents of NR Girl Scouts to make sure all girls are aware of this event.  Once supplies and patches are ordered this summer and sites are returned, we will not be able to add girls if they decide to attend after that time.
We are reaching out to all of the troops who have not responded who may be interested or may consider in just attending for the day.  DID YOU KNOW...
  • In the fall, your Girl Scout level will be a year ahead of your current level.  Current 1st grade Daisies, will be 2nd grade Brownies and can attend overnight! 
  • When you reach a new level in the fall, your adult to girl ratio will change requiring less adults to attend for safety.
  • Any girl currently registered with NRGS can attend, even if she is not continuing on in Scouting as she is covered and registered until September 30, 2017.
  • Girls can attend for the day even if their troop and Leader is not attending.  We will have adult coverage for day campers without a troop.
  • Day campers can come for the day at 9 a.m. and leave at 5 p.m. and pay just $6 for a fun filled day with friends and girls of all ages.
  • There will not be another Encampment until the year 2019 and that is only if we have the volunteers to step up to run it. 
  • So, come swim (weather permitting) canoe (age restrictive), play games, make crafts, trade SWAPS, enjoy a scavenger hunt, create fairy houses, eat s’mores and get a custom patch!
If you are signed up to attend Encampment, we will have an Encampment meeting on Wednesday, June 28th at 7:00 p.m. at the Flint Memorial Library.  Please come to this meeting to receive your site assignment and pertinent paperwork which you will need prior to check in at Encampment.  
If you are sharing a site because you are not camp certified, you WILL NEED to meet during the summer with the other troops staying at your campsite  to discuss meals, sleeping arrangements, etc. 
The Encampment Flyer can be found here  and the Recap sheet that must be completed if you are attending overnight can be found hereEvery registered girl must have a parent complete the permission form on the bottom portion of the Encampment Flyer and return it with your payment.  You may drop off registration permission forms and money to Debbie Nearing by the final deadline of June 23rd in the following ways:
  • at her home mailbox at 126 Central Street in North Reading no later than June 22nd,
  • drop off at the Flint Memorial Library Activity Room on Monday, June 12th from 7:15 to 9:00 p.m.,
  • drop off at the Flint Memorial Library Activity Room on Wednesday, June 15th from 6:15 to 7:30 p.m.,
  • bring them to the Fly Up Ceremony being held on Wednesday, June 21st at St. Theresa’s Parish Hall from 6:30 to 8.
Anyone wanting to help out this summer on the Encampment Committee with planning the activities, games, and creating a patch, contact Debbie Nearing by June 23rd at
Don’t miss out on the fun this September!!!!
North Reading Girl Scouts Encampment Committee

Friday, May 5, 2017

Clean Up at Veteran's Memorial 5/20/17

Service Project!! Ruth Kennedy is organizing the clean up of the Veteran's Memorial at North Parish Park on rt. 62. Any Girl Scout is welcome to come plant a flower and help spruce up the garden. The memorial is a small raised bed put in by a NR Girl Scout as her Gold Award project to honor our Veterans. Please bring your trowel, work gloves and a potted geranium to plant. Last year, WalMart had geraniums for about $1.50. Geraniums are tolerant to dry conditions, which is necessary in this planting spot. Please come at 9:30 on Saturday May 20. RSVP here so I'll have an idea of who may be coming. I'll bring a few shovels as well. Thank you for helping make NR beautiful for Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Monster Jam Gillette – Scout tickets from GSEM 6/10/17

From Meg Blanchard, Group Sales Manager, FELD Entertainment, P:1-857-400-8608, E: mblanchard@feldinc.

To purchase your Scout Tickets for June 10 please click on the link below and read all of the information CAREFULLY. What this link does is allow you to purchase tickets to the show and then invite the rest of your Troop family and friends to purchase as well and the link will magically make sure you’re all sitting together! This prevents large groups from having to collect money to purchase in one transaction.

In years prior, we had scouts who were unable to attend the pit party, so we have moved forward with creating multiple price levels where you can add on a pit party ticket if you so choose! All show day scout event times, with the exception of the pit party, will be TBD up until week of show.

For scout event updates: continue to check back to the purchase link!

Purchase Links:

Click this link,, if you’re with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts!